Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Day

As I pulled some of the materials for this craft out of our recycle bin, it dawned on me. I bet a lot of parents are just like me. Trying to simplify their lives and do more with less. I love using old materials to create something new. So I decided to start this blog. Upcycle crafting. If your crafting with your child you don't need all new materials to create something great.

My little boy loves empting the recycle bin regularly and he gets excited when there is a chance to make a mess and play with the glue.

Here is how we made this valentine banner.

Materials needed (one cereal box, glue, scissors, ribbon, paint or colored markers, black marker)
1.Frist we pulled one cereal box out of the recycle bin, tore it at the seem so it could be layed out flat.

2. Draw some hearts on the back side of the cereal box and cut them out
3. Paint the hearts and allow to dry
4.Write Lo-v-e across the hearts with a marker and glue on  to a long piece of ribbon

5. Proudly display  your upcycled craft
6. Please recycle when done, or save it for next year.

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