Sunday, February 21, 2010

Multiuse Multipurpose crafts

I love when I find a new gadget which can serve many purposes (you may find some product reviews here in the future) The same is true when I get an idea to reuse something old for a new purpose and better yet multiple purposes.

So if you have some yogart containers pilling up in the recycle bin. Pull them out and turn them into a fun game for your kids as well as a learning opportunity for developing minds.

Here is what you need:
Pull out some yogart containers, colored paper, glue, rubber bands are handy but not necessary and small toys/objects to sort)

1. Cut your colored paper into 4"-5" wide strips
2. Cover one side of your paper with glue

3. Wrap around your empty yogart containers

4. Secure with a rubber band and then allow to dry

5. Pull out some small toys/objects and let your child practice sorting by color

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